The Space Colony v. 1.1 Patch

This patch has been incorporated in the Space Colony HD re-release, so there's not need to download it if you have the HD version.

The following information has been taken directly from the Readme.txt file included with the patch download, edited just a little for clarity. To download the patch from this site, click here. It is also available on the official Space Colony site.


  • Dogbots, soldiers and commandos can be located by clicking on the icon which appears just above the colonists' faces in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • The following Galaxy Mode missions have been updated: Abayomi, Aelfwine, Batuuli, Caerl, Ceolwulf, Pakendorf, Vaatz and Von Funck.
  • Colonists cannot be moved around outside when they become mentally unstable.
  • The issue with grass not being placed around golf holes has been fixed.
  • Characters no longer shoot at aliens inside the base when they become mentally unstable.
  • The disco music is now linked to the music option and not the speech option.
  • If you used the F1 key to save the game, the interface would be hidden. This has been fixed.
  • Speech has been added when you tell a character to repair certain items.
  • Sometimes colonists repeated the same set of speech, after already saying it. This has been rectified.
  • The issue of the mission not completing when playing an 18-hole golf course has been fixed.
  • Fribulan could use equipment which required maintenance. This has been fixed.
  • You can now assign a colonist to a different task when they are shooting at rodents.
  • Venus could become mentally unstable but carry on working.
  • The issue has been resolved with the iron extractor walking through the base.
  • The issue in which Venus is unable to get into the nutrient extractor and instead repeatedly circles around outside has been fixed.
  • An issue which allowed colonists to train without reducing the training availability count has been rectified.
  • In the mission where the goal is to build sentinels, removing a sentinel after it has been built didn't change mission status. This has been rectified.
  • The Fribulan tourist faced the wrong way when greeted by a colonist.
  • The issue with the mechanoid suddenly freezing has been fixed.
  • Occasionally the green beam, which is displayed when items are being maintained, was shown across the whole screen.
  • When the Anti-fun League condition ran, it left behind the food chute after the restaurant had been removed.
  • An issue with the hover mine targeting weaker aliens first has been resolved.
  • Occasionally an objective was ticked even though it hadn't been reached.
  • Tourists attempted to play golf when the grass wasn't planted, throwing off the golf holes played count in missions with golf course goals.
  • The text will display correctly on Japanese versions of Windows.
  • Various other issues have also been resolved.

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